Preble Christian Co-op Guidelines

Please note that these policies, guidelines, and requirements were put together for the benefit and safety of you, your children, and our co-op.

Preble Christian Co-op is a Christian homeschool group.  It is an opportunity for homeschooling parents to come together to share their talents and resources for the mutual benefit of all participants.

All families are welcome no matter what their religious background. However, we want all families to know up front that as a Christian co-op, we will strive to include a Biblical worldview in our courses. Classes are taught from a Christian, Biblical, and creation-based perspective. This co-op is under the oversight of First Baptist Church in Eaton, Ohio and all teachings will be in accordance with the statement of faith of First Baptist Church.  

10am-10:45am: Chapel in the auditorium at 10am will be an exciting time of songs, games, and Bible teaching relevant for all ages, 1st grade and up.  (Kindergarten and preschool will be dismissed from the auditorium when the Bible lesson begins. 

11am-11:45am: Classes are divided up into their own rooms. Class subjects are to be determined. 

Dismissal for everyone is at 11:50am from the auditorium.  Please be available as your children dismiss to take them safely to your vehicle.  

PCC meets every Thursday from 10am -11:50am. All children registered for PCC must attend both hours.  The classes are targeted for students in Preschool through 12th grade. Please note: preschool is only available for children who have older siblings in the co-op. The classes do not replace academic courses of study. They should be considered supplemental and extracurricular activity classes. Nursery drop-off is provided only for babies whose mother is teaching or helping in a class.  

$50 non-refundable per family for the entire year.
(Individual courses may have items that need to be purchased, for example, books or materials.) 

If you volunteer to teach, the fee is waived for your family.  

You will have the opportunity to register your children on August 10, 2023, at 8am. Space is limited, so please register as soon as you receive the link via email or post on our Facebook page. If you are accepted into the co-op, you will receive an acceptance email within a few days of registering.  (Acceptance is based on classroom space.)

PCC co-op is not a drop-off co-op. One parent/guardian is to be on campus at all times including free time. If you have to leave the property, your students must leave with you. A student may not participate in co-op unless the parent/guardian is on site. If there happens to be an emergency and you would like your children to still attend, please contact the director before class time. We encourage adults to help out in classes, parking lot safety, cleaning up afterward, etc. We will ask for volunteers through email and on the Facebook page (Preble Christian Co-op). If you are not volunteering, we have places designated for parents to fellowship or quiet places if you wish to work. We just ask that parents remain on the property during the co-op.

Students are expected to abide by all of the guidelines regarding their behavior and dress. Parents, please review these yourself and with your child(ren) prior to the first day of co-op.  Students are expected to show respectful behavior to all of the adults on campus. All students are expected to be in a class or with their parents during class times. 

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s behavior. It is the parent’s responsibility to handle the misbehavior. If the teacher has a behavior issue with a student, they will kindly and politely notify the parent of that student right away. If a behavior issue is ongoing without resolution, the PCC administration will be involved and dismissal of the student may take place.

  1. No weapons (real or fake), alcohol, or illegal drugs
  2. No fighting, bullying, defiant or deceitful behavior
  3. No foul language or obscenities
  4. No electronic devices are to be out during class time (The teacher is to keep the device until the end of class if this happens.)
  5. No physical contact including hand-holding between males and females while on the campus
  6. No two students are to be alone in a classroom at any time
  7. No harassment or threats to the school environment or people attending.
  8. No student is to be wandering around the church property. Remain within the designated boundaries. All children must be supervised at all times.
  9. Participation during class is mandatory.  
  10. No food or drink in the auditorium.
  11. No playing around on pianos or other equipment.  
  12. No minors are to be in the nursery area at any time.  
  13. Be on time for classes.

If a child is continually uncooperative or unruly in the classroom, the teacher has the authority to take action with the following steps:

  1. Warning the child and communicating the situation to the parent after class. 
  2. Remove the child from class and take the child to the parent.
  3. If the situation is not resolved, we will request that the child be removed from class for the remainder of the semester. (Necessity would be determined by the co-op administrators, and understanding would be expected from the parent.)

Please do not come to co-op if anyone in your family has had a stomach bug in the last 72 hours, especially if you have more than one child.  

The CDC recommends a child/adult must be free of all the following symptoms for 24 hours:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Body rash with fever
  • Severe coughing
  • Eye discharge

If your child comes to co-op with these symptoms, you will be asked to leave. If a child develops symptoms while in class, a parent will be notified immediately.

Parents and students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for the occasion. Clothing should not be tight-fitting or see-through. Any clothing with written/visual messages or advertisements deemed offensive or inappropriate by co-op administrators may not be worn. No gothic-style clothing. Advertisements for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, etc. are not permitted. 


  • No spaghetti straps or strapless shirts may be worn.
  • No tops with oversized arm holes are to be worn.
  • No short-cropped shirts or bare midriffs are to be worn.
  • Necklines on all tops and dresses must not show cleavage.
  • No shirts that are longer than the shorts or skirt to where it looks like only a shirt is being worn.
  • Shirts with hoods are allowed, but the hood is not to be worn.

Shorts, skirts, dresses, and pants:

  • As a general guideline for length, skirts, and shorts must be to the knee.
  • No baggy pants that leave underwear or bare skin exposed are allowed.

If there is an issue with your child’s clothing, we will not talk to the child. We will let the parent know.

Primary communication will be via a Facebook group called Preble Christian Co-op and also by text/email as needed if there is a cancellation. If Eaton schools are closed due to weather, we also plan to close.  So please watch for that if you do not hear from us!  If Eaton schools are on a delay, that will not affect us.


Here are some answers to common questions.

August 10, 2023 at 8am

A link will be posted on our Facebook page, sent in an email if you ask to be on the list, or right here on our website.  If you volunteer to teach, you are automatically enrolled in the co-op.  Registration is usually filled to capacity by noon the day we send out the link, so don’t wait to register!


Every Thursday

Fall Semester: September 14, 2023 - November 16, 2023
Spring Semester: January 18, 2024 - April 11, 2024

Preschool (only for those who have older children in the co-op)
Kindergarten - 12th grade

No, our preschool class is only for the families who have older children in the co-op.

Preschool through 6th grade have their own classes usually, depending on the number of children we have. The 7th-12th grade is usually a combined class.  We sometimes offer choices of subject material for the high school. In the past, we have done cooking classes, ASL, band, etc.

That will be determined as we get teachers for each grade. We allow the teacher to choose the subject to teach.  Examples of subjects we have done are science classes, art classes, STEM, etc.  We always need teachers and ask that moms be willing to teach.  If you are interested in teaching, please let Jaclyn Stensaas know as soon as possible. If you are a teacher the fee is waived for your family and we will help purchase supplies or curriculum that you might need.  

We start off with some songs and we learn a choral song each week. We play a fun game with the kids and then have a time of learning from God’s Word from one of the pastors at First Baptist Church. A new memory verse is taught each week as well. The preschoolers and kindergarten start off in chapel but are dismissed right before the lesson time to go to their classrooms for their own time of learning.

You can email our director, Jaclyn Stensaas.